The UK’s First Lawn Renovation Programme


Some lawns can be in such a poor condition that they require complete refurbishment in order to restore them back to full health.

In 2008, Lawn Master invented the Regener8 Lawn Renovation system as a way of restoring lawns back to full health, for a quarter of the costs of re-turfing. Since then we have completed enough Regener8 to cover Wembley Stadium over sixty times.

Why Re-Turf When You Can Regener8?

  • Regener8 is a much faster, easier and less expensive alternative of achieving a new lawn than completely removing and re-turfing an area of grass.
  • Your lawn will be fully transformed within 6-8 weeks.
  • 75% less cost than laying new turf.
  • In most cases, Regener8 can be completed in one working day and with minimal mess.

Regener8 – 8 Step Process

The application process of Regener8 is broken down into eight individual smaller applications which can be completed in either one or two visits.

Specification of Product

The product is a mixture of peat free, 100% organic material and root dressing. This is manufactured to BSI compliant standards and surpasses PAS100:2011.

The product is then suitably micro screened, dried and rootzone additions are added. It’s then bagged in clean, breathable bags to ensure that no pathogen content can be produced while stored. The product is typically 7.0 PH.

Key Benefits

  • Regener8 is a highly fertile product that will improve the quality of your lawn’s soil structure and root structure.
  • It increases the quality and speed of new seed germination.
  • It takes just 6-8 weeks to transform your lawn from being in an extremely poor condition, to becoming an excellent quality lawn.
  • It is suitable for any type of lawn.
  • It promotes fast, deep rooting.
  • It’s easy to work with and causes minimal mess.
  • It levels out minor indentations and unevenness.
  • As the organic matter decomposes, further nutrients are released into the soil.
  • It holds moisture for longer periods in established turf.
  • It has zero stone content.
  • Regener8 was developed over a two year period by the largest group of qualified greenkeepers and groundsmen in the UK, therefore the product mixture is the result of many years of experience combined together to create the most effective product.
Before Regener8 Treatment During Regener8 Treatment During Regener8 Treatment After Regener8 Treatment Before Regener8 Treatment

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The results can be outstanding and will provide an excellent finished appearance, as well as improving the fertility of your soil base.