Franchising Facts

Here are some facts about the Lawn Master franchise:

  • The launch of a new Lawn Master franchise is based on tried and tested methods of marketing. Our marketing launch instantly puts you in contact with thousands of potential customers that are looking for the services that you can provide as a lawn care franchise.

  • Lawn Master has dedicated business and operations support, including remote desktop systems support whenever you need it.

  • Our advanced computer software package has been continually developed over the last 16 years. It now facilitates email alerts and in-depth customer management and reporting.

  • Your knowledge and experience is successfully merged with our business management. The software and customer service training that you receive allows you to run a successful business.

  • In comparison, our competitors spend the first 3 years learning basic turf care and acquiring product and application knowledge. Lawn Master franchisees are already qualified, therefore they have the required turf experience, prior to becoming a franchisee.

  • Our franchise runs for a five-year term.

  • Lawn Master franchisees are supplied with the best maintenance equipment available.

  • Lawn Master offers a far more diverse and precise range of services and products to our customers. For example, we offer over-seeding and top dressing services, unlike most other lawn companies.

  • With a Lawn Master franchise, you can turnover more money in one month than you would earn in a year working as a greenkeeper, or other turf-industry based job.

  • Our franchisees have access to a dedicated internal network for sharing advice and maximizing opportunities.

  • In 2010, Lawn Master became the first ISO 9001 accredited lawn company in the UK. To this day, we are still the only lawn company to hold this accreditation.
  • UKAS
    Certificate Number 8302

  • In 2016, Lawn Master became the first lawn company in the UK to achieve the ISO 14001 accreditation. The standard demonstrates our responsible attitude towards the environment with regards to how Lawn Master operates.
  • UKAS
    Certificate Number 8302