Franchising Video Gallery

Here you can view all of our franchising videos. Some of these videos can answer many of the typical questions that we receive from prospective franchisees.

Please note that this gallery DOES NOT include our 23 lawn care franchise FAQ videos and our franchise case study interview videos., as they are only available once you request a franchise prospectus.

2018 saw six former greenkeepers and groundsmen join the Lawn Master franchise network. Change your life in 2019 and earn the money you deserve.

Change your life in 2019

Ellie Parry is an independant consultant who has worked with Lawn Master for over a decade. Ellie discusses how she became involved with Lawn Master and the franchising opportunities.

Ellie Parry discusses Lawn Master franchising

Mark Henderson is a former Head Greenkeeper and Deputy Course Manager with over 30 years experience in the turf industry. Mark explains how we became interested in joining Lawn Master, and the step-by-step process that took place before he decided to start his own franchise with us.

Mark Henderson discusses his journey to becoming a Lawn Master franchisee

Paul Chilvers is one of Lawn Master's long-standing franchisees. Paul discusses his 15 years with the company and what potential franchisees can expect from Head Office in terms of support and helping them grow their business every year.

Paul Chilvers talks about his 15 years with Lawn Master

Adam Newell is a former Deputy Head Greenkeeper with over 16 years of experience. Adam explains how he could see the decline in the golf industry and was therefore looking for a new career in the industry. Adam also briefly explains the training course that takes place for franchisees at Head Office.

Adam Newell discusses how he decided to join Lawn Master

Our detailed franchise insight video for IOG Saltex. Various franchisees in Lawn Master explain the different elements of running your own franchise and the benefits you can expect to receive.

Lawn Master Franchise Insight Video

Managing Director and owner, Bob Underhill explains the beneficial differences between running a Lawn Master franchise, and trying to start out on your own.

Why Choose a Franchise

Various franchisees from across the country explain the training, support and backup that they receive from Lawn Master Head Office.

Lawn Master Franchise Training & Support

Managing Director and owner, Bob Underhill discusses the success rate of running your own franchise compared to starting your own new business.

Lawn Master Franchising Facts

Managing Director and owner, Bob Underhill explains the benefits you can expect to receive from having your background experience in the turf industry.

Why Customers Choose Us

Bob Underhill explains briefly who Lawn Master are as a company and what we offer customers. Bob also explains what we have set out to achieve across the UK.

Lawn Care Franchise Concept

Various franchisees, accountants and Managing Director, Bob Underhill explain the the benefits of being in the Lawn Master franchise network.

Lawn Master Franchise Business Model