Lawn Disease Control

There are many diseases that can impact the visual appearance and health of your lawn. Lawn diseases typically cause discolouration and affect the overall health of the grass plant. Each disease can be caused by different problems and environmental factors, such as:

  • The lawn not being cut properly.
  • The weather and the environment that your lawn has recently suffered with. i.e too hot and dry, or to cold and snow.
  • Specific nutrients that the grass is lacking in.

Lawn Master provides lawn disease control programmes to eliminate these diseases from your lawn when required. Some lawn diseases can be controlled with the application of the most beneficial fertiliser for your lawn, at the correct time of year. It takes a trained eye to identify the best fertilisers for your lawn, but this is something that our lawn experts will identify during your regular treatments.

The best way of avoiding these diseases is to have a regular lawn maintenance programme in place. This will keep your lawn free of diseases for the vast majority of time. We only recommend a fungicide treatment programme when normal treatments aren’t enough to stop the disease from progressing.

You can read about the various lawn diseases below by selecting the pictures.