North Yorkshire

Experience: 15+ Years Greenkeeping Experience. 11 years as Deputy Head Greenkeeper.

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 in Amenity Sports Turf and Sports Turf Maintenance.



Hi, I’m Adam, your local Lawn Master representative in based in Malton, North Yorkshire. Some of the areas where I treat lawns include: Malton, York, Scarborough, Whitby, Thirsk, Northallerton and other surrounding areas.

Adam’s Background

I have been greenkeeping for over 15 years where I first undertook a job as a greenkeeper at Malton & Norton Golf Club. I started by learning the basics of turf maintenance and built my way up to working as Deputy Head Greenkeeper

During my time in the industry, I have also spent time working in horticulture in the USA before returning back to greenkeeping in the UK.

Adam’s Achievements

I am a fully qualified greenkeeper with NVQ Level 3 qualifications in Amenity Sports Turf and Level 2 qualifications in Sports Turf Management, which also includes a technical certificate with distinction.

What Adam Can Do For You

With my 15+ years of experience and expertise, I can help you achieve the lawn you have always desired, with examples of our services including:

  • Tailored feed programmes - Every lawn needs different fertilisers to help correct and avoid specific problems. I can explain how applying different feeds can be beneficial for your lawns.
  • Lawn pest management - Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets - These can be major problems when an infestation occurs, therefore they need to be treated promptly.
  • Disease management - Your lawn may suffer with common lawn diseases such as Red Thread. I can explain how these diseases occur and alter your feed programme to help stop them.
  • Scarification - An essential operation to remove some of the moss and thatch build up that naturally occurs over time.
  • Aeration - A key operation that is often overlooked. This procedure allows air into the lawn so that nutrients can gain access to the soil more effciently. It also allows fertiliser treatments to be more effective.

Every lawn is different and requires a different treatment plan to deal with its specific problems. I will put together a clear plan of action for you to demonstrate how your lawns will be transformed. Please feel free to call me for a free lawn analysis and quotation.


"Many thanks Adam. Our grass is looking great. Several people visiting have said how good the garden is and your care of the lawn really makes a major impression. All good wishes." - Alan R

"Adam, Thank you very much. The lawn is a pleasure to look at during our ’stay at home’ regime. Regards, " - Louise

"Cannot praise Adam Newell enough, he took the task on with our very moss filled lawn and has transformed it. Adam has always worked with us arranging dates to suit and has always kept to his arrangements. When the weather has got the better of him Adam is always quick to ring us with alternative dates. Adam is a credit to Lawn Master and comes highly recommended." - Steven

"We were a little nervous with the initial outlay when starting with the Lawn Master, because we’d already spent a lot of money on recommended products which just weren’t working. Our garden suffers with too much sun in the summer, too little in the winter so we ended up with quite a bald patch in one part and lots of moss in other parts. It needed an expert to take a look at it and fix it. That’s where Adam Newell from the Malton branch comes in! Put simply, he knows his stuff and their formula works!!! We now have a lush garden to be proud of! Really amazed by the results. I haven’t done any weeding since he started!" - Emma W

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