Case Study - Mr Ribbons - Upnor, Rochester

Customer Testimonial

Having considered many so called "lawn experts", I decided to use the services of Lawn Master and boy I'm so glad I did. Just look at it!

The service is professional and Jon's knowledge is first class. He is clearly a real expert in his field of work.

Thank you so much for the perfect lawn.

Overview of Lawn Problems

The lawn was in a very poor state when we first completed an analysis. It was patchy in many areas and had a high amount of thatch present.

We rectified the lawns problems with our Regener8 lawn renovation programme, to bring the lawn back to peak health with new grass.

The photo of the results were taken 2 and a half weeks after we started work. Our objective for the following months will be to improve the root development of the new grass with specific fertilisers, which will help keep the lawn strong as we move into the next seasons.

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: May 2015
Lawn Care Expert: Jon Eves, Bromley