Case Study - Mr Quelch - High Wycombe

Customer Testimonial

Hi Matt, Just to let you know how delighted I am with the improvement of the lawn.

You are not due back here now until 14th July. Can you schedule to take over the care of the small front lawn, as well as the back, as I am very happy with the results so far.

Overview of Lawn Problems

Before we started treating the lawn, it was heavily infested with Leatherjackets larvae. As a result of the large infestation, the lawn was bare in most areas.

We applied a treatment to control the Leatherjackets, and then after a few weeks we scarified the lawn and over-seeded afterwards. For the areas of the lawn that were very poor, we applied a top dressing afterwards to help aid seed germination.

The new grass has now grown through and the lawn is thick and healthy.

Lawn Details

Date Treatments Started: April 2015
Lawn Care Expert: Matt Evans, South Oxfordshire