Why we’re thinking about wet lawns before the rain comes

14th Jun 2019

Much of the country has experienced its worst weather in a long time, with localised flooding, travel disruption and the abandonment of highly-anticipated Cricket World Cup fixtures.

While we all might not have expected such a deluge, especially in ‘flaming June’, our turf experts spend the whole year preparing lawns so they are better able to cope with these conditions. Here’s how.

We aerate – Aeration has many benefits. It reduces compaction, aiding the movement of water through the soil profile to prevent waterlogging. It oxygenates the soil, helping roots to ‘breathe’. it encourages deeper rooting, enabling the grass plant to take up nutrients and moisture from the soil, and it helps break down thatch, the layer of dead or decaying material and debris between the grass and soil.

We control moss – Left in the lawn, moss acts like a sponge absorbing and holding water. Lawns become more susceptible to diseases. Grass is unable to grow properly amongst excessive moss.

We scarify – Regular scarification removes moss and reduces levels of thatch in the lawn. Thatch as its worst acts just the same as a thatched roof, preventing the flow of moisture. It also prevents vital nutrients in fertiliser from getting through to the soil profile.

Simon Marsh Explains Thatch

We overseed – Overseeding introduces strong, new grass and rejuvenates areas of wear and tear. Our lawn experts determine the best type of grass for each customer’s situation and use the appropriate  blend of professional-quality seed.

We topdress – Topdressing improves the quality of the soil, particularly in areas where there is high clay content. Heavy soils become badly compacted over time and drain poorly causing waterlogging.

The fertilisers we’re using at the moment have the appropriate nutrient content for this time of year. It isn’t all about making grass green as this just encourages a lot of top growth; feeding and developing the roots beneath the surface is just as important as the grass you see on top.

We apologise if it has not been possible for us to carry out your lawn treatment this week because of the weather. We will be in touch with you to reschedule as soon as possible.

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