What type of aeration is required for your lawn?

27th Nov 2020

Over time, as a lawn receives a lot of use and foot traffic, the soil becomes hard and compact, meaning the grass is affected by the poor environment below. When the soil becomes highly compact, the lawn can easily become a little waterlogged as moisture cannot pass through into the soil properly.

Aeration is the best way of reducing soil compaction, and allows the exchange of gases from the soil underneath your lawns. Aeration is also an essential process to help reduce moss levels.

Hollow-tine and solid-tine aeration

Lawn Master can provide two types of aeration. They are hollow-tine and solid-tine aeration. Hollow-tine removes cores from the lawn and throws them onto the surface. Solid-tine is similar, but no cores are removed. Instead, the machine punches a hole into the lawn without leaving messy cores on the surface.

Hollow and Solid-tine Aerator

The most important factor to consider is whether the type of aeration being offered is the correct type for your lawn, to ensure that it is beneficial. For example, if you have a clay soil-based lawn, then hollow-tine aeration would not provide any benefits, where as solid-tine aeration would.

If hollow-tine cores are left on the surface of a clay soil-based lawn, then more problems may occur which may need to be addressed. The cores may cause more thatch and an uneven level in the lawn surface.

hollow tine aeration

Although hollow-tine aeration is very effective, the vast majority of lawns in the UK only require solid-tine aeration. One of the advantages of solid-tine aeration is that no cores are left on the surface of the lawn, therefore there is no mess to clear afterwards.

solid tine aeration

When to book your lawn aeration

Aeration is typically completed during the winter between November and March. However, we may recommend a different time of year for specific lawns. Your local Lawn Master outlet will recommend the correct type of aeration for your lawn.

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