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27th Jun 2012

Infographic: Some Interesting But Shocking Gardening Stats

We came across some interesting gardening stats recently, so we thought it would be nice to summarise them in an ...

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19th Jun 2012

A Review of The Garden Show at Stansted Park In Hampshire (15 – 17 June 2012)

For the first time this year, we finally got to set up one of our new trade stands at The ...

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14th Jun 2012

Hosepipe Ban Update (14th June): Three Water Companies Have Ended Their Ban

As of today, three of the seven water companies involved in the hosepipe ban across England have completely ended their ...

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13th Jun 2012

Does Your Lawn Have Mining Bees?

If you’re currently noticing a lot of holes appearing in your lawn that look like the picture above, then mining ...

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1st Jun 2012

Red Thread: A Common But Difficult Lawn Disease To Control

With the recent varying weather conditions that we have faced, fungus has encountered the perfect conditions to reside in, resulting ...

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22nd May 2012

Hosepipe Ban Update (21st May): You Can Now Water Your New Lawn

Due to recent high levels of rainfall through April, all of the seven water companies involved in the hosepipe ban ...

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