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15th Aug 2012

Lawn Mower Question Series (2 of 6): What’s The Best Type of Blades To Give My Lawn The Cleanest Cut?

This is the second post of this series of the most common lawn mower questions that we receive. Each type of ...

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6th Aug 2012

Lawn Mower Question Series (1 of 6): What’s The Best Type of Lawn Mower For My Lawn?

Recently, we posted an infographic stating the worst type of lawn mower, and also mentioning that we would be starting ...

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31st Jul 2012

Lawn Master Work at the London 2012 Olympics

Over the past few days, we have been lucky enough to have had the once in a lifetime experience of ...

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16th Jul 2012

We’re Currently Testing A New Product That Kills Fairy Rings!

For anyone who works, or has worked in the turf industry, they know that fairy rings are one of the ...

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9th Jul 2012

Hosepipe Ban Update (9th July): The Remaining Four Water Companies Have Ended Their Ban

As of today, the remaining four water companies involved in the hosepipe ban across England have completely ended their restrictions ...

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6th Jul 2012

Iinfographic: The Worst Type of Lawn Mower & Lawn Mower Question Series

We're asked practically on a daily basis the same questions about lawn mowers; which is the best?, should I buy ...

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