Lawn Mower Question Series (5 of 6): When’s The Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower?

20th Sep 2012

This is the fifth post in this series of the most common lawn mower questions that we receive.

Purchasing a high quality lawn mower can be expensive, particularly when looking to buy a cylinder mower or ride-on machine.

Sales will typically be higher during the months that grass grows in (from March to September) as many people will be buying replacement machines and parts.

Between September and February

DIY and lawn mower shops will start to lower their prices when their stock is not moving quickly enough, and therefore taking up valuable storage space.

Shops will also want to move stock quickly because companies start to manufacture the latest models, meaning that the current model’s value will decrease furthermore once the latest machines are released.

There is nothing wrong with buying last year’s model if the machine is brand new, as the improvements made over a year are usually very minor and quite unnoticeable.

Buy Before the Grass Starts Growing Again

To get the best price for a new machine, decide between September and February what machine you want to buy and from which manufacturer. You can then use websites like Google Shopping to find the cheapest price for that product.

If you don’t buy before March, when grass starts to grow again, you will notice that the prices start increasing over the months afterwards.

Striped lawn usually means buying a high quality lawn mower.

Giving your lawn a nice clean cut with stripes often means purchasing a fairly expensive machine, therefore always make sure that you buy at the right time to save as much money as possible.

Return back soon for post number 6 of 6 in this series. (“Why should I have my lawn mower serviced regularly?”)

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