Infographic: The Worst Type of Lawn Mower & Lawn Mower Question Series

6th Jul 2012

We’re asked practically on a daily basis the same questions about lawn mowers; which is the best?, should I buy petrol or electric powered?, should I mulch or not?

The most common question about lawn mowers that we receive is “What’s the worst type of lawn mower?” As you can see below, we have made it plain and simple in an image so that it’s easy to understand.

What's The Worst Type of Lawn Mower - A Blunt One

Generally, all lawn mowers (except a few if we’re honest!) are good and will generally give your lawn a clean cut. However, the choice of different types and parts available and how often the machine is serviced will determine how nice of a finish the lawn will have after being cut.

We’re Going to Run a Series of Posts to Answer Your Questions

To answer the remaining 6 most common questions that we receive, and to help you make informed decisions from the opinions of the largest group of greenkeepers and groundsman in the country, we are going to create a series of separate blog posts.

The 6 most common lawn mower questions that we receive, and which we will make separate posts for are as follows:

We hope you enjoy and value our upcoming opinions and hope that they increase your knowledge on the subject.

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