Hosepipe Ban Update (9th July): The Remaining Four Water Companies Have Ended Their Ban

9th Jul 2012

As of today, the remaining four water companies involved in the hosepipe ban across England have completely ended their restrictions due to recent floods across the country. This is to affect around six million people.

The ban was expected to last throughout the summer as we were suffering from drought conditions just a few weeks ago.

The remaining four companies that have ended their bans are as follows:

This all comes after the news on the 14th June when three of the seven companies involved relaxed their bans so that newly laid turf and seeded lawns and plants could be watered for 28 days after planting.

Now, instead of people not having enough water to keep their lawns and plants alive, there is too much, meaning essential work cannot be completed.

We have found recently with the floods that we haven’t been able to carry out some treatments like scarification until the lawns become more dry again as otherwise more damage would be caused than good to both the lawns and our machines.

Has your garden been affected by the floods recently?, or has it affected you more with your job or business? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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