Hosepipe Ban Update (21st May): You Can Now Water Your New Lawn

22nd May 2012

Due to recent high levels of rainfall through April, all of the seven water companies involved in the hosepipe ban have relaxed the ban on gardening businesses so that newly seeded or re-laid lawns, and plants can be watered for up to 28 days after being planted.

Does It Only Allow Gardeners to Use the Hosepipe?

NO! Both gardening companies and yourself as the homeowner are allowed to water any new lawns and plants for up to 28 days.

It’s important to note however, that those included shouldn’t use this alteration as an opportunity to leave the hosepipe running on new lawns and plants all day. The UK’s groundwater levels are still extremely low, therefore all other rules of the ban are still in place.

Ideally, you should only water any re-seeded or re-trufed lawns you have for as long as required to keep them healthy.

Can I Only Water a Lawn that’s Been Re-Turfed?

NO! The change of rules allows any method of renovating a lawn to be watered, including seeding and top-dressing methods.

Regardless of the method you choose to restore your lawn though, the maximum amount of watering time available is 28 days afterwards.

The Overall Impact for the South and East of England

Having this ban relaxed will help many companies who complete gardening work at domestic properties. Business will overall increase meaning that more people will be willing to have lawn and other gardening work completed at their property.

We at Lawn Master are personally very pleased as it will make lawn renovation processes like seeding and top-dressing safer to complete, with higher rates of success.

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