Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer

26th May 2022

Summer is on the way, and if you want to get your lawn looking good for the hot weather ahead, here is a summary of the lawn treatments to consider scheduling with your local Lawn Master expert if you haven’t already.

Summer Lawn Care Treatments by Lawn Master


Fertiliser Application

Summer is the time of year when all our customers want their lawn to look its best. The fertiliser that was applied to your lawn in spring will contribute to this, but the feed we apply during this treatment will ensure that your lawn remains thick and green throughout the summer.

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This is the process of removing thatch and organic matter from lawns. Removing the dead matter allows new and stronger grass to grow through. Scarifying should typically be completed annually to ensure a fit and healthy lawn. The process reduces both thatch layers and moss levels, as well all allowing all the important nutrients that naturally occur to have better access to the soil.

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Over-seeding is the process of applying a matching grass seed to a lawn, to improve the sward density and to compensate for grass decline.

In most instances, lawns require over-seeding because of sparse areas or bare patches, usually caused by foot traffic over a period of time. Introducing new grasses will ensure a thicker and dense sward which ultimately makes your lawn more resilient.

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Top Dressing

Top dressing is the application of a soil or organic material to the surface of a lawn to improve the quality of the soil over a period of time. Top dressing can consist of a mixture of minerals such as sand, silt and clay, or a combined mixture of them all. Top dressings can improve the overall level of your lawn, allowing it to be more usable and easier to maintain. Most importantly, top dressings will improve the soil structure, which in turn improves the soil’s nutrient retention capabilities.

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Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents Lawn Master Professional Lawn Care

10 days after wetting agent and water application


Wetting agents act as a soil penetrant by reducing the surface tension of water to promote quick water infiltration and penetration deep into the soil profile. This means that when you do water your lawn, it will be better absorbed, therefore allowing the grass plant to utilise it properly. This in effect will help stop your lawn drying out as easily. Wetting agents are ideal to be applied in readiness for upcoming dry or hot weather as any water applied either by rain or by hosepipe will be utilised as effectively as possible, helping to avoid the lawn becoming stressed and brown.

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26th of May, 2022

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