Does Your Lawn Have Mining Bees?

13th Jun 2012

mining-bees-hole-lawnIf you’re currently noticing a lot of holes appearing in your lawn (pictured), then mining bees are nesting in your lawn.

Mining bees are perfectly harmless and won’t cause any problems to your lawn’s health. The “volcano like” appearance that they create just looks unsightly when there are many of them scattered across your lawn.

Why Does My Lawn Have Mining Bees?

The female bees will typically create holes in your lawn so that they can create a nest to lay and protect their eggs in. The deepness of the holes vary in size, usually depending on how many places the eggs are kept in.

Should I Attempt to Remove Them From My Lawn?

These type of insects don’t harm your lawn in any way, therefore there is usually no reason to attempt to remove them. They are generally valuable pollinators to your garden.

To stop the holes and soil deposited on the surface from being so noticeable, you can brush the soil gently to make them less noticeable, although the mess will likely appear again within a short period of time.

How Can I Remove Them If They Become a Nuisance?

In the rare occasion that your lawn becomes heavily infested and looks very unsightly, products are available to remove the bees. You should ask your local Lawn Master representative about these solutions to avoid the mess from continuing.

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