prepare your lawn for winter

6th Oct 2021

Farewell Summer! It’s Time to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

We had some beautiful weather across the country in September. Temperatures hit 30°c in some areas and there was little ...

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26th Feb 2021

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

  If you want to get your lawn ready for summer, then here is a summary of the lawn treatments to ...

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24th Nov 2020

Why you shouldn’t neglect your lawn in winter

The work your lawn care expert carries out over the winter is some of the most important of the year. ...

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20th Oct 2020

3 things you can do now to get your lawn ready for winter

As a homeowner, here are three things you can do now to help your lawn stay healthy as winter approaches. 1. ...

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14th Jun 2020

‘Sweaty’ weather brings Red Thread alert

Warm temperatures and some heavy, thundery showers over the past few days have meant that our eagle-eyed lawn experts are ...

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6th Jun 2020

Make every drop of water count

Most parts of the UK have had a stunning spring weather-wise. Following the wettest February on record, weeks of blue ...

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18th May 2020

Could an increase in wildlife activity be a sign of a lawn pest?

If visiting wildlife has been taking more interest in your lawn than usual, it could be a sign of unwanted ...

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Fairy Ring: fungi and folklore

20th Aug 2019

Fairy Ring: fungi and folklore

Fairy Ring is one of the most visible turfgrass diseases. If you watched the Cricket World Cup coverage from Lord’s ...

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14th Jun 2019

Why we’re thinking about wet lawns before the rain comes

Much of the country has experienced its worst weather in a long time, with localised flooding, travel disruption and the ...

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25th Jun 2018

It’s a scorcher! Is your lawn feeling the heat?

This week the UK looks set to experience Mediterranean temperatures with little or no rainfall. As a result, lawns can soon ...

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18th Jun 2018

Why we’re seeing red (so you don’t have to!)

Our turf experts are reporting problems with Red Thread disease on lawns across the UK. Red Thread is the most common ...

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29th Mar 2018

Spotting orchids: could YOUR lawn care company do this?

Ian Stephens, who runs Lawn Master in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire was recently invited to write a guest blog for ...

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27th Feb 2018

A holistic approach to managing moss

Moss is one of the most common problems associated with lawn and turf care, and is often the trigger for ...

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11th Feb 2018

Don’t wait until summer to enjoy the benefits of having a garden

We're busy carrying out winter lawn care services across the country, but chances are the pleasure you're getting from your ...

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6th Nov 2017

First frosts: Is your lawn ready for winter?

Last week the UK woke up to it first widespread frost of the season. Now we're well into November, clear ...

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27th Oct 2017

The Hog Blog: an important read ahead of Bonfire Night

Hedgehogs are brilliant organic pest control for the garden. They eat slugs, snails and insects which enjoy making a meal ...

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