Are You A Blue Badge Holder? If So, You’re Exempt From The Hosepipe Ban

2nd May 2012

Caring for your lawn during the hosepipe ban may seem tough, even though we have had the wettest April in over 100 years. However, keeping your lawn’s moisture levels high enough can be simplified, providing that you’re a current blue badge holder.

Why Blue Badge Holders Are Exempt

Water companies recognise that many disabled people can’t easily carry a watering can, therefore allowing them to continue using their hosepipe is the only alternative they have to keep their lawns and plants alive.

Sounds Great, But There’s a Catch Unfortunately

First of all, the exemption doesn’t include all disabled people, only those who have “severe mobility problems”. However, it does exempt absolutely everybody who holds a blue badge.

An important point to note is that water companies can, and may impose bans on blue badge holders as well if the drought becomes more severe. There is no national policies for this, therefore it may vary based on where you live in the country.

Each water company has authority to decide on their own rules with regards to exemptions, therefore we recommend  that you keep up to date with your local water authorities’’ website for any changes to rules.

“I Don’t Have a Blue Badge, Yet I Struggle to Water My Garden Too”

If you are impaired in a severe way to the extent where you can’t water your garden yourself with ease, you can apply for a hosepipe ban exemption to your local water authority.

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