Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Lawn Care Questions on Google. Part 2/3

27th Jun 2022

All of the information below has been written by Lawn Master operatives, who have spent their career maintaining turf.


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When should I scarify my lawn?

Spring is the best time to have your lawn scarified as the lawn will recover much more quickly when it starts to grow. Autumn is also acceptable as the lawn will still grow at a quick enough rate to fully recover.




What fertiliser should I put on my lawn now?

The right fertiliser depends on the time of the year, the type of grass, and the current condition of your lawn. Lawn Master’s knowledge and experience ensures that we are able to make the right choice of fertiliser to use on your lawn.




What is the difference between raking and scarifying a lawn?

Scarification should not be confused with a lawn rake. Using a small DIY electric powered machine can cause more harm than good when used incorrectly.

The blade system used in a lawn raker consists of wire springs that rotate in an attempt to rip out thatch from the lawn. However, because the blade system is not powerful enough to go very deep into the turf, a very poor job is usually completed and often results in destroying the grass stallion with a splitting action. This allows disease to enter and dead areas start to appear.

Lawn Master scarification treatment




Can brown grass turn green again?

When your grass turns brown or straw coloured, it is normally dead. Individual blades of grass will die, and under certain conditions, the entire lawn may die in patches. A chemical spill, severe dog urine damage or drought can also cause grass to die. Therefore, it is always important to keep the grass watered in warm weather conditions.




What time can I legally mow my lawn UK?

Be considerate of your neighbours when mowing your lawn. Your local council may issue warning notices in response to complaints about noise above permitted levels from 11pm to 7am.




Should you aerate your lawn every year?

Aeration must be carried out annually In order to consistently maintain a healthy lawn. Aeration is included once per year in our lawn maintenance programme.




Should I overseed my lawn?

Benefits of over-seeding a lawn:

  • Improves sward density
  • Allows grass type consistency to be improved
  • Helps prevent moss and weeds from establishing as easily
  • Much more cost effective than re-turfing lawn areas




Can you overfeed a lawn?

Too much fertiliser can leave your grass burned or scorched. It is recommended to hire an experienced lawn operative to apply the right amount of fertiliser for your lawn.



If you need any further advice on lawn care, please contact your local Lawn Master expert, and they will be happy to advise you.


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