Winter Lawn Care Advice

7th Dec 2019

Follow these simple & cost-free lawn care advice to keep your lawn healthy over winter:

1) Cut back trees, bushes and herbaceous borders. This helps prevent lawn diseases from spreading.

Cut back trees, bushes and herbaceous borders

2) Clear away children’s play equipment and garden furniture. This prevents shade and maximises the flow of air across the grass keeping it drier and lessening disease pressure.

Clear away children’s play equipment

3) Clear fallen leaves as quickly as possible. Left to lie on the lawn, they prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching the grass.

Clear fallen leaves

4) Whenever possible, try to limit the amount of time you spend walking across the lawn. If your unable to keep off your lawn, varying your route reduces excessive wear to one area.

avoid walking over the lawn

5) The odds are shortening on a white Christmas. However, if you get a covering of snow, build snowmen on the soil or patio to ensure patches of your lawn don’t remain covered.

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