Watering Your Lawn

14th Apr 2021

In order to survive, most lawns in the UK need regular rain or water, to replace the moisture that grass absorbs from the soil. Grass can survive for a few weeks without water, however after this period, some symptoms of stress may appear. Grass may turn a silvery-blue colour, and the turf may look flat as the grass wilts and loses it’s natural green colour.

If you are watering your flowers and baskets, please remember that your lawn is a plant too, and therefore it requires just as much water.

Best time of day to water your lawn

There is not a particular time of day that is best to water your lawn. However, if possible it is preferable to avoid watering a lawn in direct sunlight. Watering your lawn in the morning or early evening is usually the preferred time as there is less chance of direct sunlight. Please remember that any amount of water added to your lawn will contribute to helping it to recover.

Lawn Morning TIme Lawn watering

The damper the lawn, the faster the results

If the surface of the lawn is very compact and hard, water may run off and not penetrate the surface level. A lawn can even become hydrophobic, resulting in it repelling any surface water and reducing the ability for water to make it to the lower root zone.

Lawn Master can test for this problem and we can apply a wetting agent to your lawns to combat the problem. One or two applications per year can help to make the best use of water on your lawn. Wetting agents effectively turn your lawn into a sponge, making better use of even the smallest amount of water.

Watering after lawn care treatments

After scarification, your lawn must be kept damp with regular watering, if no rainfall occurs. If possible, it is best to water your lawn in the morning before 10am as the water evaporates less when the temperature is cooler, meaning the grass will be able to make better use of the water.

After completing an over-seed application, the lawn needs to be kept damp on a daily basis. A few minutes of watering, preferably a few times a day is sufficient enough to allow the seed to germinate and grow successfully.

If you use our Regener8 lawn process, it is crucial that you keep your lawns watered daily until full germination is completed. It is recommended that for the best results from the Regener8 product, a sprinkler should be used to give a larger spread for the water out of a hose pipe.

How much does it cost to water a lawn?

On average, a 1000 litres of water costs just £3.16.

For a property with an average sized lawn, the cost of watering is approximately £1 per week. If you are not prepared to invest in the cost of watering, many of the treatments that we provide may not be as effective as they could be.

The cost of repairing a lawn that has been neglected is typically much higher than the cost of watering it.


For the best results, a sprinkler should be used to give a larger spread for the water out of a hosepipe. Sprinkler systems can be purchased from DIY stores and moved around your lawns periodically to provide water to all of your lawn area.

If you are unsure about the type or model that will suit your lawn, please ask your local Lawn Master representative and they will advise you regarding this.

Sprinkler after lawn treatments Lawn after treatment and watering with a sprinkler
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