Red Thread

8th Sep 2020

Red Thread is possibly the most common lawn disease found in UK domestic lawns. Although the disease is more commonly found in the summer months, Red Thread can develop at any time of the year.

The disease is most commonly found in fescue grasses. However, it can appear in other grass species as well. Red Thread does not kill grass, as it is not capable of damaging the roots.

Red Thread favours both high humidity and dampness and will start to show in patches across the lawn. From a distance, the lawn can have a brown look, but upon closer inspection, the “Red Threads” can be seen.

Most strains of Red Thread are easy to prevent with a fungicide, but are much harder to cure once they are established, due to the amount of strains that now exist.

Lawn Master provides lawn disease control programmes to eliminate diseases including Red Thread from your lawn.

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