14th Jan 2015

Leatherjackets are the larvae of the crane fly and are 30-40mm in length when they are fully grown.

Crane flies are on the wing between late July and early September. During this time they lay their eggs below the surface of the turf. The larvae or (leatherjackets) then hatch 2-3 weeks later. They then start devouring the turf roots and stem bases with biting mouthparts. The larvae can then feed right through to the following June.

The damage caused by leatherjackets does not become obvious until the spring when they are growing rapidly. The first visible signs of damage can be seen when straw-coloured patches of turf appear, which later become bare and usually become infested with weeds. Birds that regularly appear to be feeding off your lawn are also a good indication that leatherjackets are present.


If you think that your lawn has leatherjackets, then call us immediately. We can remove them with a single application.

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