Fusarium Patch

22nd Jan 2021

This disease grows in mild and wet conditions, and develops in excess levels of nitrogen.

It can attack at any time of the year but most commonly occurs during autumn and winter, particularly when drainage is poor.

Fusarium attacks most grass types, but in particular it attacks annual meadow grass (Poa annua). Decreasing the amount of Poa annua can therefore reduce Fusarium patch.

When the grass is very wet, the fungi can often be seen on the surface of the lawn. It has a white-pinkish cotton look.

Preventative treatments can stop this disease from occurring. However, similar to Rust, ensuring that the correct nutrients are being applied can help to prevent the problem from occurring.

Aeration is a service we provide that improves lawn drainage and allows air and nutrients to the root system, thus preventing fusarium patches from appearing.

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