Fertilising Your Lawn

14th Jan 2015

There are many different types of fertiliser, and in order to make an informed choice and get the best results for a lawn, it is important to understand some of the key features and benefits that differentiate them.

Some fertilisers release all of the nutrients immediately after application. These types of feed are generally cheaper as they produce a quick response in terms of colour and growth.

Slow release fertilisers (SRF) and controlled release fertilisers (CRF) deliver the nutrients over a longer period. This reduces the flush of growth and eliminates the removal of the nutrients when cutting the lawn. They do not need watering-in under normal conditions.

The use of these products is efficient for the customer, as colour density stays fine whilst there is a trickle of nutrients feeding the plant.

Some fertiliser companies spend thousands of pounds a year testing fertilisers. They supply to top sporting venues such as Golf and Premier football grounds. We buy from the largest company in the world in this sector. Fertilisers that are suitable for a football pitch that is used twice a week, are also ideal for domestic lawns where children and pets play.

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