Dog Urine

12th Mar 2021

Besides wear and tear caused by dogs running and playing, dog urine is largely responsible for lawn damage seen at homes with dogs. Burns on a lawn from dog urine are one of the most common problems that we deal with. When dogs urinate on grass, they can cause damage over time. It is worse when the dog is female as they squat, depositing their urine in one spot underneath them.

Dog urine can cause scorching of the turf because the urine contains a high amount of nitrogen, which causes grass growth to accelerate.

Dog On Lawn Dog Off Lawn

Products are available to help combat scorching, although their effectiveness varies. If you have dogs, and you do not want any damage to occur on your lawns, the best solution is to keep them off the lawns. However, by following the advice below, you can help prevent significant lawn damage from dog urine.

How to Keep Lawn Damage From Dog Urine to a Minimum

  • Water – If your dog urinates on the lawn, the best thing you can do to minimise damage is to empty a bucket of water in the area as quickly as possible to dilute the urine and wash it through the soil. Be particularly vigilant during hot weather when the grass is dry and already under stress.
  • Compost – To aid repair, keep a tub of mixed compost and seed somewhere dry, ready to lightly spread over any scorched areas and keep the area moist.
  • Training – If possible, train your dog to go to the toilet in a particular area in the garden to prevent damage across the entire lawn.
  • Mowing Your Lawn – A strong, healthy lawn is better able to withstand pet damage. When mowing, don’t cut your grass too short; 2.5–4 centimetres is recommended for a domestic lawn.
  • Regular Lawn Care Treatments – Regular, professionally-applied lawn care treatments help keep your lawn in good condition all year round.

Lawn Master ensures lawns are in the best condition for the whole family. All of our treatments and applications are pet friendly.

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