Chafer Grubs

14th Jan 2015

Chafer grubs are the soil-dwelling larvae of Chafer beetles, which feed on grass plant roots. The damage that these pests cause is similar to that of Leatherjackets, but far more extreme.


When a lawn has chafer grubs present, large animals such as badgers and also large birds will feed on them. This can cause catastrophic damage to your lawn. The damage can be created within just a few days.

The damage caused by chafer grubs is most obvious between Autumn and Spring, as this is when they reach maturity. Patches of your lawn may become yellow, and the turf can be pulled up by hand with ease.

Birds such as jays, magpies, crows and rooks, as well as foxes, feed on the grubs, tearing up the loosened turf in the process.


A lawn which has been attacked by Chafer Grubs (pictured) will be damaged within a few days.

Chafer Grubs reach maturity between autumn and winter. Therefore, this is when the damage is more obvious. Areas of the grass will become yellow, and the turf can easily be pulled back by hand. Chafer Grubs can be treated with specific products, but the products can take a little longer to be completely effective when compared to Leatherjacket treatments.

If you think that your lawn may have chafer grubs, you should contact your local Lawn Master outlet as soon as possible.

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