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21st May 2021

“Overall a very happy customer and looking forward to making it even better going forward.” Mr. Timoll

A big thank you to Mr. Timoll for sharing with us an update on how his lawn has been doing since Simon Marsh, who runs Lawn Master Surbiton & Sunbury started looking after the lawn. The photos below show the lawns transformation since August last year, along with updates from Mr. Timoll.


09/08/2020: Getting fed up of lawn being cut within 1 mm of its life. Contacted Lawn Master.


Note: The lawn has not been killed off by Lawn Master. Instead a regular feed and weed programme with moss control applications was put in place to reverse the lawn’s poor condition.


05/09/2020: Border put in. Now mowing the lawn myself with a recently bought battery mower with adjustable heights and roller.



15/11/2020: New lawn starts to grow. Undecided whether to blow off the leaves and trample on a new lawn, or leave the leaves. Ended up doing a bit of both.


Lawn Care Tip: Clear fallen leaves as quickly as possible. Left to lie on the lawn, they prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching the grass.


28/02/2021: The lawn is becoming established. I believe this was the first cut as the grass was starting to get tall.



14/05/2021: The lawn has now been cut several times, stripes looking great. Lawn height is around 50mm. I’ll probably not go below 40mm as the lawn is slightly bumpy in places, and at this longer length, it’s doing a very good job of crowding out weeds. Just one small patch in the middle that I’m sure my next treatment in June will take care of.


I’ve significantly reduced foot traffic on the grass. It’s looking much better than when it was being trampled on every day. Haven’t had to water that much due to rain.

Overall, it’s been a complete transformation. Very happy with the results.


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21st of May, 2021

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