3 things you can do now to get your lawn ready for winter

20th Oct 2020

As a homeowner, here are three things you can do now to help your lawn stay healthy as winter approaches.

1. Cut back trees, bushes and herbaceous borders and clear away children’s play equipment and garden furniture. This prevents shade and maximises the flow of air across the grass keeping it drier and lessening disease pressure.

Smaller and tight areas require a smaller and more manageable lawn mower.

2. Clear fallen leaves as quickly as possible. Left to lie on the lawn, they prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching the grass.


3. Remove dew with the back of a flat rake. Most disease problems occur when dew stay on the grass all day long. You’ll have a lovely striped effect making visitors think you’re a pro!


Lawn Master operatives have maintained turf at some of the country’s top sporting venues, from Premier League football pitches to Championship golf courses. They’ve produced high-quality grass surfaces in the toughest of environmental conditions and will be happy to advise you on lawn care and the best way to prepare your lawn for winter.

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