Why Is Winter Lawn Care So Important?

Most homeowners care less about their lawn at this time of year as the temperature drops. However, our winter treatments are undoubtedly one of the most important treatments of the year.

If your lawn has ever had moss problems, then our winter treatment will help with this. We use liquid root development fertilisers to help wet lawns, together with our moss control.

Various potential issues need to be considered at this time of year such as drainage quality, light availability to allow the lawn to survive, and the current root strength after the autumn treatment.

Key points we look out for:

  • Moss development. This is the time of year where moss can spread across your lawn, therefore it needs to be controlled.
  • Persistent weeds. Some weeds can take multiple applications to kill completely, therefore we include weed killer on this treatment where required.
  • Drainage issues. Poor drainage can impact the choice of products we use as we have to ensure they will last long enough.