UK Lawn Care & Treatment

Lawn Master offer a range of lawn care and treatment services to provide you with a lawn that you can be proud of. Every lawn is different, and to get the most benefits from your lawn, a range of services may be required to rectify your lawn problems.

Lawn Master is renowned for offering a wide range of lawn care services from experienced lawn care professionals. Our well trained professionals have come away from famous venues such as the Olympic Stadium and Arsenal & Chelsea FC with the precision and expertise to help you own a lawn that you can be proud of. Each and every lawn differs, if you want to get the most from your lawn, a range of our lawn care services may be required to rectify your lawn problems.

  • Chafer Grubs - These are larvae of chafer beetles. They like to feed on grass roots and if not removed, they will destroy your turf.
  • Slender Speedwell - This weed can be particularly tricky. Removal will require professional assistance if established in turf.
  • Red Thread - A very common grass disease, often found in domestic lawns.
  • Leatherjackets - Leather Jackets are usually found in golf courses and lawns. They are the larvae of daddy long legs.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your lawn, and think your lawn cannot be recovered, it may be best to look into a consultation from us. In our consultations, we will take a look at your lawn’s unique needs, assess any problems, and provide you with what the best course of action for your budget. A cost-effective lawn care programme tailored for your lawn’s soil type and grass species to restore your lawn to its former glory. We also have our Regener8 system which may be suitable for your lawn.

At Lawn Master we treat each lawn individually. Whether your lawn requires a different type of fertiliser to successfully grow, or need products to help fight off certain diseases, we’re only a phone-call away. If you are currently already using a lawn care service and are experiencing ongoing problems, feel free to call on our our lawn care professionals and explain the cause of your problems. We’re here to offer you effective solutions.

  • Aberdeen

  • Banbury, Chipping Norton & The Cotswolds

  • Basingstoke & Southampton

  • Bolton, Wigan & Bury

  • Bournemouth

  • Bradford, Leeds & Harrogate

  • Bromley, Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells

  • Buckinghamshire

  • Cardiff & Pontypridd

  • Coventry & Sutton Coldfield

  • Croydon

  • Dundee

  • East Sussex & Ashford

  • Edinburgh

  • Fife & Stirling

  • Gloucester & Cheltenham

  • Guildford & Winchester

  • Lake District & Lancaster

  • Leicester & Market Harborough

  • Lowestoft, Suffolk & South Norfolk

  • Moray & North Aberdeenshire

  • Norfolk

  • North Wales, Cheshire & Merseyside

  • North Yorkshire

  • Nottingham & Lincoln

  • Reading & Salisbury

  • Slough & Berkshire

  • South Oxfordshire & South Buckinghamshire

  • St Albans & North London

  • Stockport & Macclesfield

  • Surbiton & Sunbury

  • West Kilbride

  • West Sussex & South Surrey

    With Lawn Master you can rest assured you are in good hands with one of our lawn care professionals, many with over 30 years of experience in the professional turf indsutry. We pride ourselves on our great reputation and this is reflected in the feedback from customers.

    We’re here to offer you the most effective solutions to your lawn care problems.

    Our experts have a wide range of professional qualifications such as NVQs in sports turf management. BTECs in Horticulture and HNC’s in Turf Grass Science. Rest assured that with Lawn Master, your lawn is in safe hands.