Two of The Most Problematic Weeds Your Lawn Can Have

12th May 2012

During this period of the year, Speedwells are one of the more common difficult-to-remove weeds that will likely be appearing in your lawn. Although one of the more “pretty” weeds compared to others, Speedwells cause anger to anyone trying to achieve a perfect lawn.

If your lawn has Speedwell, it can become deeply infested in a short period of time, affecting the vast area of your lawn. Treating and recovering your lawn at this stage becomes very difficult as there isn’t enough grass to help re-establish the turf.

Interesting Facts About Slender & Germander Speedwell

  • Slender Speedwell and Germander Speedwell are the most common types of Speedwell found in turf accross the UK.
  • There are over 20 species of speedwell found across the UK that grow in various places.
  • It can be spread by uncollected lawn mower cuttings (mulch) meaning that infestation occurs very quickly.
  • Slender Speedwell flowers from April – June where as Germander Speedwell can continue flowering until August.
  • It can spread easier when grass growth is poor.
  • Slender Speedwell is a light pink colour, where as Germander Speedwell is a bright blue colour.
  • Germander Speedwell’s leaves grow much larger than Slender Speedwell’s, meaning it is a lot easier to kill.

Tips for Managing Speedwell

You should avoid aiding the spread of Speedwell as much as possible by altering tasks that you commonly complete on or around your lawn. Consider the following:

  • Always collect grass cuttings when mowing your lawn and suitably remove them away to an area away from your lawn.
  • If you have any borders with Speedwell, you should remove it as much as possible to avoid the possibility of it spreading to your lawn. The most effective and safe method for this is by digging out the weeds.
  • If you have a lawn with Speedwell, and a lawn without, make sure you thoroughly clean the blades before re-using to ensure that you don’t carry it to your other lawns.

How Lawn Master Deal With Speedwell

With our many years of experience between our large group of greenkeepers and groundsmen, we have devised a proven method to fully remove Speedwell from turf, provided it is applied in a correct time period.
Note: We obviously can’t share our method with the public as it could be valuable to our less experienced competitors.

Did You Know?

In Ireland, Slender Speedwell was sewn onto traveller’s clothes for good luck and to “speed” them on their journey.

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