Spotting orchids: could YOUR lawn care company do this?

29th Mar 2018

Bee orchid Ian Stephens, who runs Lawn Master in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire was recently invited to write a guest blog for TV and radio gardening presenter Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek™.

In it, Ian explains how he spots and draws his customers’ attention to beautiful bee orchids while maintaining lawns in his area. He also recalls discovering and helping to colonise Autumn Lady’s-tresses, a wild orchid found on chalky grassland, on a golf course he worked at in Sussex.

Ian has managed turf for more than 30 years, initially in parks and gardens, then on golf courses where he became Head Greenkeeper and completed a degree in Sports Turf Science. He was thrilled to be able to contribute a piece that demonstrates a side of domestic lawn care that is rarely acknowledged.

Lawn Master is a national lawn care company run by an experienced turf professional, and importantly, all local depots are run by qualified turf professionals. This makes a significant difference to our customers who can be reassured that the person maintaining their lawn has the knowledge and experience to spot good things (like orchids) and the not so good things (like turf pests and diseases). They understand soil biology, plant pathology, plant nutrition and have put their knowledge into practice in some of the UK’s most challenging environments, including Premier League football clubs and championship golf venues. What’s more, they use the same professional products, machinery and maintenance techniques when they maintain your lawn.

Ian Stephens

If you’ve discussed your lawn with them, you’ll know they love what they do. They have a passion for horticulture and take great pride in their work. They want you to be proud of your lawn too. Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with your local lawn expert.

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