Farewell Summer! It’s Time to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

6th Oct 2021

We had some beautiful weather across the country in September. Temperatures hit 30°c in some areas and there was little rainfall through several weeks of bright shine and clear skies. The temperature change across many areas this week is stark, and we’ll all be putting on an extra layer or two as the days shorten and a colder wind takes more of the leaves from the trees.

Lawns are remarkably resilient. Despite drying out and going into natural dormancy, looking brown or even yellow during dry spells, many have begun to bounce back after a few good downpours. If you made the most of the good weather with barbecues and outdoor living, you may notice bare areas, uneven growth and poor colour, in which case a visit from a qualified turf professional is highly recommended.


As temperatures drop, grass needs all the help it can get to build its strength ready for winter.


lawn-master-clear-fallen-leavesOne of the most important jobs that should be done on a regular basis is the clearing of leaves. Although it can be a nuisance, doing this most days is really beneficial for your grass. Even if a lawn is covered for just a few days it starts to weaken, which makes it easier for weeds and diseases to establish in the turf. Moving garden furniture and children’s toys from the lawn onto hard standing also helps.

Consider cutting back overhanging trees and shrubs which cast shade onto the lawn. Letting as much sunlight and airflow through as possible dries morning dew, helps prevent turf diseases and reduces moss formation. Get moss and weeds sprayed off. They’re impossible to get rid of completely as it is always a battle for space, but you’ll have a head start come spring. Scarification is the usual method for moss reduction. A progressive approach works best, carried out regularly at least every other year. It’s a little too late to scarify as the grass growth slows down, but why not plan ahead and book one in for when the grass is actively growing in early spring?

Your local turf professional will typically undertake a more balanced fertiliser programme at this time of year that doesn’t contain too much nitrogen, but is rich in potassium. This balance of nutrients gives the grass the strength and resilience it needs to fight off diseases and stress during the natural winter dormancy.


If your lawn in prone to waterlogging during the wetter seasons, it’s a good idea to get it aerated early on to prevent significant problems. If it’s particularly bad, book one in for the end of winter too.

Lawn Master AerationLawn Master Aeration


Contact your local lawn expert to see what they can do for you. Having an expert manage your lawn means that they can see which areas need more work than others. With continued care, they get to know any particular problem areas and focus on soil and plant health, preventing problems before they occur. If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear, there may be a brief period of intense activity required to get it repaired. Lawn Master’s effective and affordable lawn treatment and maintenance programme will keep it healthy all year long…


6th of October, 2021

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